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Jerzy KORCZAK is an expert in the field of data science, computational intelligence, image analysis and recommendation systems. Currently, he is a professor at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, Poland, where he conducts research on intelligent transport systems and data mining. He is the author of over 300 publications and many research projects (according to Google Scholar h-index=21, over 1500 citations). Previously, he was a professor and head of the Department of Information Technology at the University of Economics in Wrocław Poland (2006-2016). During 1986-2006 he was a professor of Informatics at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France, where he headed the CNRS team on Image Data Mining at Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Image, de l’Informatique et de la Télédétection (LSIIT, URA CNRS 1871); being a director of Equipe de Recherche en Technologie d’Information, Strasbourg, France (1997-2006).

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