Information Technology in Management

The support materials for the MBA students.

Detailed program:

1. Business Processes Supporting with IT Systems 27.04 9:00-10:30 102CKU
2. Artificial Intelligence in Managerial Knowledge Representation and Discovery 27.04 10:45-12:15 102CKU
3. Smart Decision Support Systems and Big Data Mining 28.04 13:00-14:30; 14.45-16.15 102CKU
4. New approaches of IT usage, 11.05 10:45-12:15 103CKU
5. Development of IT systems 12.05 13:00-14.30; 14.45-16.15 103CKU

The enclosed materials refer to two my lectures: 2 and 3.
The students are asked to bring their laptops and to install the data mining platform Orange -

The Assignment to do is defined in the file: ITM-Assignement1.pdf. The data ITM-EU-Countries are described in file ITM-Eu-Countries.pdf. If you wish to work with your data, you should use Passport database ( ) or another available statistical database.

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