Summer School on Data Science

Summer School on Data Science
Wrocław, September, 2016

Please find enclosed the support material for lectures on MINING OF FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS DATABASES

1. Overview of financial and business databases
2. Credit Scoring techniques
3. Analysis of World Economy
4. Modeling of customer profile
5. Time series - research projects

To get familiar with Orange Data Mining Platform the material includes a few sets of slides on Orange usage as well as experimental datasets.

SS-0-FinancialDB.pdf1.57 MB
SS-CS 1-CreditScoring.pdf732.26 KB
SS-CS2-World Economy.pdf1.18 MB
SS-C3-Customer Profiles.pdf1.22 MB
SS-CS4-Time Series - Research Projects.pdf2.14 MB
Orange1-Intro.pdf1.14 MB
Orange2-Attributes.pdf2.31 MB
Orange3-Rules.pdf5.45 MB
Orange4-Clustering.pdf2.14 MB
Orange5-Evaluation.pdf2.5 MB
JapaneseCreditData-Orange.csv6.07 KB
german-data-numeric.xlsx107.19 KB
Credit Rating Data -US.xls483 KB
Sample1000.xlsx162.97 KB
Customer Profiles Ontology.owl661.65 KB
import individuals from excel.json1.35 KB
Customer profile.ows67.35 KB
WorldEconomy2015.csv5.69 KB