Mining of Financial Databases

Lecture support for students of Master Studies in Finance, II year.

    The provided support is only related to two my lectures and labs on Clustering and Outliers. The second part of materials is available on dr Michalak Web page:
    Below the first assignment is detailed in the two files: Assignment1a.pdf and Assignment1b.pdf. To do you should select one of these two assignements. Some supplemantary materials are provided, for example the tutorial about EMISPRO and Passport databases: EMISPRO_User_Guide.pdf and Passport_instrukcja.pdf. Example to access Passport database is shown in the file Passport-Database.ppt.

The file Housing.pdf is related to the lab on Clustering.

  • Topics and dates of the lectures and labs:
  • Clustering, March 5, 3:00-5:15 pm,5:30-7:45pm 27aCKU 105CKU
  • Outliers, March 19, 3:00-5:15 pm,5:30-7:45pm 27aCKU 105CKU