Management Information Systems for MBA Business Administration

Lecture and Computer Lab materials for MBA-BA students:

  1. Sylabus MIS
  2. MBA-BA-MIS-Information Systems
  3. MBA-BA-MIS-Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Big Data
  4. MBA-BA-MIS-Lab1-2-SQL-Databases
  5. Oracle-SQL-Tutorial
  6. DescriptionSampleDatabases
  7. MBA-BA-MISLab3-4-DM-Algorithms -Orange

H-Adviser program

H-Adviser is a prototype, version beta, to be used to discover trading expertise using wavelets algorithm and neural gas model. In current version, H-Adviser can only be used by students for testing purposes To do so please download the enclosed time series.

Lecture support for BSF "Information Technology", I year

Outline of lectures

  1. Basic IT concepts
  2. Algorithms of data processing
  3. Computer networks – Internet
  4. Database technology: OLTP and OLAP systems
  5. Web and Big Data technologies

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