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Instytut Informatyki Ekonomicznej
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny,
53-345 Wrocław
ul. Komandorska 118/120

CNRS Universite Strasbourg,
Bd. S. Brant
67-400 Illkirch

Evolutionary Art

Poster z wernisażu zorganizowanego podczas FedCSIS'2016 w Gdańsku.
Kilka wystawionych prac.


Poster from the Varnishing-Day organized during the FedCSIS'2016 in Gdańsk. A few presented paintings generated by Eva.

Summer School on Data Science

Summer School on Data Science
Wrocław, September, 2016

Please find enclosed the support material for lectures on MINING OF FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS DATABASES

1. Overview of financial and business databases
2. Credit Scoring techniques
3. Analysis of World Economy
4. Modeling of customer profile
5. Time series - research projects

To get familiar with Orange Data Mining Platform the material includes a few sets of slides on Orange usage as well as experimental datasets.

Lecture support "Information Technology in Finance" for BSF III students

Lecture program:
1. Overview of Information Systems
2. Data preprocessing techniques
3. Data warehouses, OLAP technology and Big Data
4. Data and text mining
5. Web-based technology
6. Selected research and applications areas - AML,...

Please download and install:
- Orange (
- JStock (

Date of assignment presentations:
Assignment 2: Dec 21, 2016
Assignment 3A or 3B (select one): Jan 18, 2017

Metody i techniki multimedialne w dydaktyce

Materiały do wykładu dla studentów Kursu Pedagogicznego Studium Doktoranckiego WUE.

Mining of Financial Databases

Lecture support for students of Master Studies in Finance, II year.

    The provided support is only related to two my lectures and labs on Clustering and Outliers. The second part of materials is available on dr Michalak Web page:

Management Information Systems for MBA Business Administration

Lecture and Computer Lab materials for MBA-BA students:

  1. Sylabus MIS
  2. MBA-BA-MIS-Information Systems
  3. MBA-BA-MIS-Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Big Data
  4. MBA-BA-MIS-Lab1-2-SQL-Databases
  5. Oracle-SQL-Tutorial
  6. DescriptionSampleDatabases
  7. MBA-BA-MISLab3-4-DM-Algorithms -Orange

H-Adviser program

H-Adviser is a prototype, version beta, to be used to discover trading expertise using wavelets algorithm and neural gas model. In current version, H-Adviser can only be used by students for testing purposes To do so please download the enclosed time series.

Lecture support for BSF "Information Technology", I year

Outline of lectures

  1. Basic IT concepts
  2. Algorithms of data processing
  3. Computer networks – Internet
  4. Database technology: OLTP and OLAP systems
  5. Web and Big Data technologies

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